My name is Philip Rudy. I am a unique talent because I have a wide variety of online skills that I use to make myself money and to make other businesses money. I started guest blogging as a link building service in 2010 and have been doing search engine optimization ever since.

I own a few online sites myself that make me a little bit of money and also am a managing partner Shapeless - which is a web development and digital marketing company based in ferndale Michigan. Here, I make sales, develop websites, and implement search engine optimization strategies.


  • Client Prospecting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Front End Coding
  • LightWeight Backend Development

SEO Experience

Traffic Digital Agency

I implemented a long lasting search engine strategy that helped what was once at the time a 5 person startup, turn into a legitamate agency in Royal Oak Michigan. I implemented an entire SEO process and managed over 35 client pay per click programs.

Key responsibilities:

  • Head of PPC management
  • Director of SEO strategy
  • Directly handled client SEO budgets
  • SEO strategy creation/implementation
  • Working with clients

Key Accomplishments

Doubled year-to-date traffic for 18004BLINDS.com in one year. Implemented a Groupon/LivingSocial link building strategy that gave the company it's best months.

Implemented creative Scholarship link building method directly relating to rise in search engine results for all clients

Implemented HTML5